In this episode, Amy talks about dicks that tell women what to call themselves with “doctor” (6:15) and Ryan has attempts a description of a flying penis monster with “fascinate” (17:58).

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Also, if anyone reading this knows how we can get in touch with Nicolas Cage, let us know. This is a guest episode that *NEEDS* to happen.

The Catullus poem that we discuss in this episode can be found here and also here:

Lesbia, you ask how many kisses of yours would be enough and more to satisfy me. As many as the grains of Libyan sand that lie between hot Jupiter’s oracle, at Ammon, in resin-producing Cyrene, and old Battiades sacred tomb: or as many as the stars, when night is still, gazing down on secret human desires: as many of your kisses kissed are enough, and more, for mad Catullus, as can’t be counted by spies nor an evil tongue bewitch us.

Lexitecture is a podcast about words. In each episode, a Canadian (Ryan) and a Scot (Amy) each present their current favourite word and talk about its origins, current use, and try to puzzle out how it may have gone from A to B. If you love thinking and talking about words, word origins, or just random bits of head-scratching language trivia, this may be the show for you!

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