One can hardly believe it – ANOTHER super special episode! Not only is it another time that Ryan and Amy were able to record an episode in the same room, but we’re joined by another special guest! Mark Sundaram (of The Endless Knot) moderated our “podcasting about language” panel (which also included last episode’s special guest Kevin Stroud of The History of English Podcast, Mignon Fogarty – Grammar Girl – and Patrick Cox from The World in Words) and presented a talk at the Sound Education conference in Boston with his wife and Endless Knot co-host Aven. He was gracious enough to come along and bring a word of his own to chat about this episode.

Because of time constraints on the day we recorded this, we only had time for one word, so the three of us sat around and pondered the long and bizarre history of “sad“.

Lexitecture is a podcast about words. In each episode, a Canadian (Ryan) and a Scot (Amy) each present their current favourite word and talk about its origins, current use, and try to puzzle out how it may have gone from A to B. If you love thinking and talking about words, word origins, or just random bits of head-scratching language trivia, this may be the show for you!

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